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We believe in a future free from injustice. But we can’t get there alone.

When you give monthly, you’re multiplying your impact throughout the whole year and helping advance our advocacy each month.

Your sustained support makes a difference. Join our community of recurring donors with a monthly gift of any amount!

Why Give Monthly?

It works with your wallet.

You give at an amount that makes sense for you, meaning that no matter what size your monthly gift is, it adds up to expand equitable access to justice and opportunity for our most vulnerable communities.

It fuels and nourishes systemic work.

We’re looking to make long-term, meaningful change that lasts – but that takes time. Sustained donations recognize this and keep our projects going so we can solve problems for good.

It builds a stronger future.

Your commitment brings stability and allows us to make strategic decisions to maintain and grow our projects over time. As our campaigns for justice continue to gain momentum, your monthly donation gives us the ability to both plan for the future and rapidly respond to the ever-shifting landscape as it unfolds.

It creates change like never before.

The injustices harming our most vulnerable communities are both urgent and deeply entrenched. Your monthly support confronts these injustices all year round.

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