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2017 – 2018 Legislative Agenda

On June 14, 2017, at its 2017 Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors of Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law and Justice voted to include the following pieces of state legislation as part of MA Appleseed's 2017-2018 Legislative Agenda. Each of these bills, which MA Appleseed supports, are directly related to MA Appleseed's mission of developing and advocating for systemic solutions to social justice issues. Each of these bills is also directly related to our past and current projects in the areas of school discipline (and the school-to-prison pipeline), youth homelessness, and access to justice. Click on the links below to learn more and check back often since we expect to add more bills to our Legislative Agenda throughout this legislative session.

An Act decriminalizing non-violent and verbal student misconduct. An Act to support healthy development among preschoolers. An Act relative to the geographical jurisdiction of the Housing Court Department.

UPDATE: This measure was included as part of the final FY18 state budget!

An Act relative to the certification of interpreters in educational settings. An Act to provide identification to homeless youth and families.